Email Marketing

In order to gain traffic on your eCommerce site, your email marketing has to have more substance than a few images and hitting “send”.

We start with branded and relevant content designed by our graphic design team. We optimize your emails with effective call to actions, attention-grabbing subject lines, clear and relatable language, and quality product photography. This process is consistently improved with A/B testing.

We take each email through a process that tests for accessibility, deliverability, individual device rendering, and spam. This enables you to have confidence that your emails are getting to your customers’ inboxes.

Your email marketing shouldn’t stand alone though. It should integrate. We make sure your eCommerce and your Email Service Provider are working together. This allows us to see what is truly effective and how to best adjust your campaigns to grow your revenue.

Your email marketing doesn’t only need to work with your site, it needs to work with your customers. That is why we take great care of list management. Through list segmentation we give your audience the information they actually want, putting the right message in front of the right people. A happy customer engaging with your brand is what makes a difference.

Last but not least we focus on growing your list so you can build your online customer base. Through optimizing your pop-up windows and advertising consulting we put your brand in front of the audience most likely to become your new customers.

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