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Conversion Rate Optimization

“CRO” is an all-encompassing term for increasing your website’s revenue through small, data-driven, incremental steps.

There is no singular tool for increasing your site’s conversion rate, but there is a method. And it starts by choosing to make decisions based on data, not opinion, hunches, or articles.

The tools that we use to boost traffic, orders, and revenue change for each website that we optimize. Whether it’s increasing traffic, improving search, boosting speed, or improving customer service, the method stays the same.

It is easily summed up in one phrase: “Prove it.”

Like the other products on our website, if you are interested in having us optimize your website, this product is intended to be purchased like anything you would normally buy online.

This specific product, “CRO”, is a full-service website optimization plan, and includes other services like “Site-Search Optimization” and “Search Engine Optimization.”

eCommerce Site Design

It is important for your website to have a healthy balance of originality and commonality.

Originality because you want your website and your brand to be recognized, and set apart from the others.

Commonality because you want your visitors to easily navigate through your website because it is familiar.

This is where our eCommerce Site Design service helps you build a brand-consistent, aesthetically-pleasing website without sacrificing the functionality that your website ultimately has to have.

We build websites that not only look great, but perform well in speed, search engine appearance, website navigation, customer service, personalization, and more.


Research and Analytics

Your business relies on your website performing well, now more than ever.

Our Research and Analytics Service allows you to make data-driven decisions about your website based on multiple sources of data.

Our analytics and data go beyond simply “what are my customers buying?” and try to answer harder, underlying questions like:

“Who is sending me the most traffic? What are they searching on Google? Why did they abandon checkout? Am I targeting the right demographic? Are my customers happy? Are my customers confused?”

We use the best tools available to get as much feedback from your customers as possible.

Our objective is to be able to answer any question about your website based on DATA and not OPINION.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) can seem like an impossible task. It is IF you try to tackle it all at once and without specialized tools and data.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t an area where you want to guess.

The key to improving your search engine ranking is to enlist an expert and START NOW. Then, be patient. You will not see results overnight, and if you don’t start now, you won’t see results anytime soon.

Our strategy is simple: follow the instructions. Google and other search engines make it very clear to their customers what they are looking for. This is an instance when following best practices is a great idea. Then we do competitive analysis and use data tools that help us focus on areas with the highest return. Our methodical process for success has proven to be a winning gameplan.

SEO done right can move you from being buried on page 10 to ranking on page one. A great SEO plan can mean a difference of millions in revenue.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your SEO strategy and implementation.

Site Search Optimization

After you’ve done the hard work of getting visitors to your website, you have a very limited time to capture their attention or their money.

A good way to lose your visitors quickly is to make it difficult to find what they are looking for.

Our Site-Search Optimization service helps your visitors navigate your website more easily, making them more likely to be come a customer.

Most eCommerce platforms have an out-of-the-box search capability that accomplishes the job well enough. But they forget many features that drive revenue and help your customers.

We optimize your on-site search because we know that it significantly changes your customer experience.

Interacting with an optimized on-site search function is the digital equivalent of a passionate and helpful librarian.” – SEJ (Search Engine Journal)

Our Site-Search Optimization gives your website dynamic predictive search, typo-correction, personalization, and more.


Volusion to BigCommerce Migration

We are waiving our product migration fee!

For a limited time, we will migrate your Volusion product data to BigCommerce for free. We know that it is more important than ever to migrate off of Volusion and onto a better eCommerce platform, so we’re here to help.

Our Volusion to BigCommerce Migration Service includes:

Product Data Migration (Free until 09/30)
New Website Design
Historical Order Data Backup
Historical Customer Data Backup
Customer Group Migration
Promotions/Discounts/Coupon Migration
Customer Reviews Migration
Content Pages/Blog Migration
Payment Provider Migration
Shipping Services Migration
Inventory Sync
Anything that you need to successfully migrate to BigCommerce!

Email Marketing

In order to gain traffic on your eCommerce site, your email marketing has to have more substance than a few images and hitting “send”.

We start with branded and relevant content designed by our graphic design team. We optimize your emails with effective call to actions, attention-grabbing subject lines, clear and relatable language, and quality product photography. This process is consistently improved with A/B testing.

We take each email through a process that tests for accessibility, deliverability, individual device rendering, and spam. This enables you to have confidence that your emails are getting to your customers’ inboxes.

Your email marketing shouldn’t stand alone though. It should integrate. We make sure your eCommerce and your Email Service Provider are working together. This allows us to see what is truly effective and how to best adjust your campaigns to grow your revenue.

Your email marketing doesn’t only need to work with your site, it needs to work with your customers. That is why we take great care of list management. Through list segmentation we give your audience the information they actually want, putting the right message in front of the right people. A happy customer engaging with your brand is what makes a difference.

Last but not least we focus on growing your list so you can build your online customer base. Through optimizing your pop-up windows and advertising consulting we put your brand in front of the audience most likely to become your new customers.

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