Email Marketing is one of your most powerful tools as a marketer. But email is nothing without people to send your emails to. I know growing your email list can be a daunting task, but if done correctly, it can add significant value to your eCommerce site. Let’s break down how growing your subscriber list can benefit your bottom line.

For this example, we will say your email marketing campaigns account for around $100,000 per month, and your analytics show that each subscriber is worth about $1 in gross revenue. These numbers help you know how much to spend on growing your subscriber list. For example, increasing your list size by 10% could add an extra $120,000 in revenue each year, so investing a few thousand dollars in list growth is a worthwhile expense!

Let’s look at some strategies to help you get started:

  1. Create a lead generating offers
    • We’re adamant about adding value to your shoppers’ lives. Create enticing offers and content on your website that require your visitors to subscribe to gain access. These offers don’t have to be difficult to create. You may already have content you can repurpose, such as a video you turn into a quick e-book. You could also create a how-to for your most popular products or maybe offer first notice of an upcoming product release exclusively for subscribers.
  2. Custom Landing Pages
    • A custom landing page will be where you put your offers. Make these available to the shoppers where it is relevant, like the product or category that your customer is browsing. For example, if your customer is browsing on a product page where a “how-to” or “a Helpful Guide” would be great, offer them the capability to click over to your landing page where they can sign-up and receive your offer.
  3. Creating unique pop-ups
    • These are not the annoying pop-ups that you’ve become accustomed to. Instead, these are pop-ups that add value to the customer experience on your site. These can be exit intent pop-ups that offer an incentive for staying on your site. They can be timed or scroll activated pop-ups that are unique to the content of the page. Or they can be for returning visitors that presents an offer that indices them. Make sure these never interfere with a checkout experience.
  4. Pitch your newsletter on your other channels
    • You would be surprised at how many people may be interacting with you on your other channels that are not on your email marketing list. Give those audiences the opportunity to take the next step and be a loyal customer of yours. Explain the value in your newsletter and create custom landing pages for each opportunity to sign up. You can also use online contests, promote the offers you created in strategy #1, or partner with another company in your industry.
  5. Throughout Your Checkout
    • There are several more ways to capture email addresses on your website. One of the best ways is to ask them at checkout if they would like to sign-up for your website. They liked you enough to buy something, keep them engaged. This can be captured by your platform and instantly imported into your Email Service Provider.
What is CRO?

These are just a few strategies to get you started on growing your email list and moving that revenue needle all while providing some great value to your loyal customers. We are here to help you if you need it as you grow your list and achieve optimized eCommerce.