Struggling companies tell us they’ve lost touch with what their customers want. They tell us how several years ago, things used to be great, but sales dropped off as time progressed, the phones quit ringing, and revenue began to plummet. Somewhere along the way, this once great company disconnected with their customers’ needs, and they don’t know how to get their mojo back.

We hear this story regularly from companies that need help and schedule a free consultation with us. When we inquire more about their problems, we ask the pivotal question that changes the entire conversation’s tenor.

“When was the last time you asked your customers what they wanted?”

Usually, we hear awkward silence. Sometimes we get a half-hearted attempt at an answer. Usually, years ago, they tried to find out by sending a survey to their subscribers. The results were inconclusive at best, and at worst, wrong. We’ve never met an underperforming eCommerce company that says, “We regularly ask our shoppers what we could do better or what other products they want us to offer.” By not being proactive and making it someone’s job to listen to the customer, they’ve chosen their bleak future.

If you haven’t asked your customers and shoppers what they need, how do you know how to serve them?

What is CRO?

We believe if you want to know what’s on someone’s mind, ask them. Installing a post-checkout survey is one of the first action items for Ballistic Agency when onboarding a new client. We’re looking for specific feedback from shoppers that have made it through the checkout process. Getting information from actual customers while the shopping experience is fresh on their mind is invaluable. Shoppers that leave feedback after they’ve completed checkout leave the best feedback because they’ve jumped over every hurdle, looked past every problem, found what they were looking for, and trusted you with their credit card information.

Along with the post-checkout survey, we install an on-site search abandonment survey. Since shoppers that engage with your search are usually qualified buyers looking for a specific product, they’re more involved with your website and offer useful information about their unmet needs. We also log and compile search queries to understand better what shoppers want.

We also poll those shoppers that intend to leave the website. Most of the time, they ignore the survey and leave, never to come back. Usually, they give the least valuable data, but good insight can occasionally come from those browsing the site with little intent. We can also discover technical problems with the website through the results of this broad audience survey.

Finally, we reach out to past customers to find out their current needs, other products they’re interested in, and how to give them a better shopping experience.

In conclusion, the order of data quality gathered from survey responses is

  1. post-checkout customer
  2. site search
  3. browse abandonment
  4. Past customers

If you don’t have a plan for reaching these three types of shoppers, you’re missing out on valuable data that helps you discover the problems and products you need to address on your website.

If you want to know what someone is thinking, just ask.

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