Optimized eCommerce™

We know what you need, and it’s not another opinion.

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Our Process

Facts are better than opinions

We’ve built an agency around our Optimized eCommerce™ process that uses facts, not opinions, to grow your business. We analyze the data and couple it with the knowledge we’ve obtained from our successful eCommerce sites since 2008.

Most eCommerce websites need to improve in the following areas.

  1. Website design and usability
  2. SEO, or search engine optimization
  3. Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  4. Email marketing

We’re here to help

You’ve worked hard to build your eCommerce business. We work hard to help you to get more shoppers that turn into valuable customers.

Our results speak for themselves

Since hiring Ballistic Agency, our clients have seen on average:

Increased Conversion Rate
Increased Sessions
Increased Revenue

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Empathy works

How we understand our clients

We’re not only an eCommerce agency; we’re a small manufacturer that sells our products online. Why? Empathy. We wanted to understand our clients, so we started doing what they do.

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